Servo Pneumatic Control Systems


SPCS-2 – Servo Pneumatic Control

The updated SPCS provides a robust solution to accurate closed loop pneumatic positioning. Easily installed and software configured, this servo pneumatic control provides positioning accuracy up to ± 1% of the actuator’s full stroke with loads up to 225 lbs and average velocity as high as 20 inches per second.

Omron S8VK

Omron S8VK Power Supply

Extreme Temperatures? New Omron Power Supply is the Answer

The S8VK-G offers a wide product range (from 15w up to 480w), in a very compact package that is 13% smaller than comparable power supplies and the smallest on the market for its type.

Original Line Electric® Thruster

Bimba OLET

Original Line Electric® Thruster – New from Bimba

The Original Line Electric® Thruster is a rugged, guided actuator with an OLE cylinder integral to the thruster block. With many types and options to choose from, it offers many variations that allow selection of the most appropriate type to match your unique application needs.