Hiwin engaged in the research, development, design, manufacture and distribution of ball screws, linear guideways and industrial robots. The company provides industrial robots, linear bearings, crossed roller bearings, lubricating grease, specialty machines and semiconductor equipment, among others. Its products are applied in semiconductor production and testing equipment, automation devices, medical equipment, electronic products, machine tools, and industrial machines.


Hiwin has the capability of producing JIS C0 class for ground ballscrews and DIN 5 class (up to 23 microns) for precision rolled ballscrews. The ballscrews outside dimensions range from 4mm to 135mm with a Dm-N value up to 220,000. The product types include High Speed -Super s series, NC Series, High Dm-N Value, Self-lubricating, Rolling Nut, and customized designs are available.

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Linear Guideways

A Linear Guideway allows a type of linear motion that utilizes rolling elements such as balls or rollers. By using recirculating rolling elements between the rail and the block, a linear guideway can achieve high precision linear motion.

Linear Guideway

Advantages and Features of Linear Guideways

  1. High Positional Accuracy
  2. Long life with high motion accuracy
  3. High speed motion is possible with a low driving force
  4. Equal loading capacity in all directions
  5. Easy installation
  6. Easy lubrication
  7. Interchangability

Hiwin product types include HG Series (Heavy Load Ball Type), EG Series (Low Profile Ball Type), MG Series (Miniature), E2 Series (Self-lubricant), QH/QE/QW/QR (Quiet Linear Guideway (SynchMotion Technology), RG Series (High Rigidity Roller Type), SE Type (Metallic End Cap), WE Series (Four-Row Wide Rail), and TM Series (Miniature)
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Other Products

Hiwin also offers Positioning Guideways, Industrial Robots, AC Servo Motors and Drives, and Linear Motion Systems (XYZ Gantries).

Linear Actuator

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